House & Room Details

Halcyon House offers 9 guestrooms and 8.5 bathrooms that can be booked individually or as a whole house, depending on the availability. Total occupancy is 18. It is suitable for events such as Football weekends, Graduation, Wedding parties, Corporate or Spiritual retreats, Supper Clubs, Crafting groups, etc. for groups that book the entire house. All rooms include access to the kitchen which is fully stocked with local, organic and thoughtfully sourced breakfast items.

Every guestroom offers

Essentials (linens/bath soap) – All soaps for laundry and bathroom are 100% natural plant based products.  



Laptop Friendly Workspace 

Wireless Internet 

24 hour check in

Street Parking 

Wash/Dryer available upon request 

Access to Gym within walking distance

Toiletries available upon request 

Short walk to downtown with access to Restaurants and shops 

Short walk to University of Kansas campus 

Most rooms offer

Cable or Smart TVs with Sling (All but Nooks & Crannies)

Private bathroom (All but 2 – Nooks & Crannies, Butterfly)


“What’s for breakfast?” – For our early birds, breakfast at Halcyon House can be self-serve. There are instructions on how to start our organic, fair trade coffee next to the coffee pot and we have a variety of thoughtfully sourced, local and organic breakfast items which should also accommodate people with food sensitivities/allergies. The staff is on hand weekdays at 7:30 am, 8:00 am on the weekends, to whip up some eggs or other hot dishes and assist in anyway. Full breakfast ends 9:30 am, but you may self-serve until 10:00 am. Claude, our Parisian Chef shows up about once a week to bring us his hand made French pastries and from time to time he will stay to cook omelets and crepes for our guests. We hope you are lucky enough to be here when he cooks for us.

“Do you accommodate special diets” – Yes, we stock non-dairy items such as flax milk and gluten free breads. If you let us know ahead of time we can provide special requests and you are welcome to bring items and store them in the refrigerator where you can mark them with your name.

“Do you have high speed internet” – Yes

“Does every room have a television? – There are 3 rooms that do not; Nooks & Crannies, Atrium and the Den. There is a TV in the living room that guests can watch. Apple TV is available upon request.

“Can I bring my dog” – No, this is a pet free facility. We love pets and animals but need to respect other guests that may be allergic.

“Do you encourage children?” – Children under 10 are generally discouraged until it is a whole house booking.