Constance Wolfe
A native of Kansas, Constance had wonderlust as a child growing up in the Midwest. It turns out her mom (Esther Wolfe) did too. She took Constance out of school her 5th grade year and they traveled the world with her older brother David, staying in B&Bs all over Europe. Inspired by this world tour, Esther decided to open her own B&B right here in Lawrence, KS. She and then partner, Gail Towel blazed a new trail in the lodging community opening the first B&B in the state of Kansas (1985). Constance left for collage and resurfaced a decade later to take the helm of Halcyon (1995). With the help of some amazing Managers (Rochelle Marsh & Karen Doue), Constance was able to pursue careers outside of Halcyon which lead her to her current gig at Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss.

Constance is thrilled to share her life with husband, John Novosel and daughter Chloe. Esther, her mom, retired from the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity House (House Mom for 19 yrs) and moved in next door. She loves a game of tennis and spending the little free time she has with family and close friends. She has a passion for local and sustainable eco systems of all types including societal, food and nature. She is attuned in level 1 & 2 Reiki and practices (tries to at least) mindfulness and physical fitness on a daily basis.

Her favorite room in the Halcyon House is the kitchen.

Amy Dorsey
We are thrilled to have Amy back in Lawrence after a 5-year stint in New Zealand where she was assistant Manager at a wool shop.

Amy has about the best sense of humor you will ever encounter. She has the very unique ability to tell a story about the most mundane event and somehow make it hilarious.

Her son is currently evaluating his options for college and he is reveling in all things teenage boy. He is almost as clever and funny as his mom and has a very bright future ahead of him.

Amy recently graduated Kansas City Corestar School of Energy Medicine and is looking to build her practice. She loves coming to Halcyon every day because she loves talking and meeting with new people. Her high spirit and gentle approach make our guests feel welcome and cared for.